This is a page where all the time skips and jumps happen in order (as in the time skips in order, not how the fanfic/fanime puts them in order.) The Time Skips and Jumps start around Chapter 10.


The Time Skips and Jumps happen when someone in the future thinks that something in the past got altered and must get fixed in order for the future to remain constant. At first they are little time sequences where a character from the future must take a character to the past to an event that happens a little later in time (about 10 days to 3 months). Afterwards they are frequent and can mess up any other Time Skip or Jump.

A Time Skip is where a charater from the past alters or avoids the event and tries to creat an alternate. A Time Jump is where a charater from the past goes all the way the furture and changes the event completely or stopping it from happen.

Eventually all of the Time Skips/Jumps will lead to a war.

List of Time Skips/JumpsEdit

This is (will) be a list of all the Time Skips in order as how the event took place, in what chapter, and how long it is, and if it's a time skip or jump. If you click on it a more detailed and explained version of it will appear.

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