Nicki is a very spunky character ad loves to sing her heart out. sHE loevs to sing pop and hip-hop.

Nikki (or Nicki)
Nickname None
Age 14
Zodiac Cancer
Birthday June 30th
Height 5'6"
Weight 115lbs.
Hair Color Blue (Normal)
Light Blue (Transform, fanime)
Brown (Transform, fanfic)
Eye Color Grey (Normal)
Red (Transform)
Relatives Unknown
Powers Angelic Powers (Fire, Flamingo)
Voice Actor N/A
Character Themes Starships


Nicki is Mordecai's friend and she is like the voice of reasons, always giving advice. In school she has prettyu good greades and has whent places due to her glee club. SHe is in gllee cllub and snigs every Saturday at her school's cafe. When she grow up, she want to be famous singer. She is comming out with her own CD full of covewrs of her favorite songs. She has many preform aoutfits. Her scheudle at school is just music and art, there is no time for core classes aacording to her.


Nicki is a very calm person, and she knows when to give out her advice. She is a very warm and collective person. She can also be very secrective and mysterious. Sometimes when she is speaking she randomly says what she speaks.


Nicki is tall, and has blue hair just like Mordecai. People say that they are realtive when they are not. Nicki is usually in her school uniform or in one of her millions of preforming outfits. Her eyes are a blazing grey. When she transforms, she wears a one sleeved top and a wrap skirt. She also wears plenty of bracelets, which are her wepons. She only wears her bracelets with her causal outfits



She touched the golden flame (who had the powers that Beyonce put on the flame) near the school's fountain. She had the midus touch effect and almost burned the school's building down. She hid for awhile and transformed. She then claims that her powers are only bad and cannot do any good. She uses her powers outside from her transformation sparingly. Her bracelets are used as hoops of flame, and she throws them at her enemies.


As soon as Mordecai got her powers, she automatically got her powers. She has pyrotenkis, and anything she touches (at her will) can be caught on fire. Like almost everyone else, she looses her powers during the time skips and bump events.


Nicki, in her freetime, produces music and does covers of her favroite songs. She will have 2 or 3 albums, only containing 3-5 songs.


  • In the fanfic both Mordecai and Nicki sing together.
  • Nicki does not know the spelling of her own name, thus both "Nicki" and "Nikki" could be her name, and bothe acceptible names of calling her.
  • Her adoptive parents sent her to Cartoon Academy because they thought she was old enough to start being on her own.

Version DifferenecesEdit


Names-  Meika (German), Mei (Japanese), Meline (French)