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This is what Princess Mordecai 'Adventures would be liked if it was dubbed. This is the German Version of it.

Plot ChangesEdit

Micheal dreams of going out of her Kingdom and saving the world. She went to sleep and dreamt that dream and... poof! She became the Angel of Mind and is accopanied by Finn, an adventourus boy. She later meets the other angels of her team, Meika, Astrid, and Rosemaire. She fights an orginization called Evil Veggie Time.

Episode ChangesEdit


Theme SongEdit



  • Micheal is in a dream instead of just reality.
  • She gets her powers in her dream instead of angels giving her, her powers.
  • Micheal Träume roughly means "Micheal Dreams"
  • It was changed to make Mordecai dream to make it more like fairy tale.
  • It is unknown if Mordecai/Micheal wakes up from her dream.

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